NN Life Luxembourg has developed highly sophisticated solutions for Belgian, French, Spanish and Italian residents, as well as international solutions. Depending on the country of residence of the policyholder, the premium is invested in dedicated funds, and/or internal collective funds, and/or external funds. This is the basis of a personalized wealth solution to satisfy client’s requests.


Indeed, these solutions can be articulated in different ways and can include various options such as multiple policyholders and lives assured.


Life insurance policies are usually long-term investments and can be modified or amended, based on the change of needs and residence of the policyholders and their families.  For instance, if a client moves to another European country, NN Life Luxembourg wealth solutions are “portable” and can be adapted to the new tax or legal law.


The management of the policy is carried out by an independent asset manager based on the investment strategy chosen by the client, and it is in line with regulations set out by the Luxembourg Insurance Regulator. It is also possible to choose a solution with multiple asset managers.
The life insurance product gives access to a wide range of mutual funds (incl. structured products offering the possibility of guarantee at maturity) and free asset allocation between mutual funds and the option to make changes during the policy’s life. Thanks to Luxembourgish investment rules the portfolio of the policy may be invested in a wide range of assets, including sometimes alternative funds and private equity. 


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